About SSoL

The aim of the SSoL

The aim of the Summer School of Linguistics is to give an opportunity to students and young researchers who are interested in language and its use to get acquainted with the range of current achievements in linguistic research. The lectures usually cover various research fields such as the first and second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, typology and language contact, corpus linguistics, neurolinguistics, phonetics, etc.

The Summer School of Linguistics aims also to have an important social impact. In other words, it should be not only a place where one can get useful information of the current state of linguistics but also a place where people interested in language and its use meet, discuss various issues and possibly start to collaborate on various future projects.

Anybody interested in language and its used is welcome at the Summer School of Linguistics. There is no need for prior knowledge of any of the topics. The capacity of the school is limited (ca. 100 participants). Therefore, we encourage you to register early.

Lectures & workshops

Lectures are 70 minutes long (approximately 60 minutes talk and 10 minutes discussion). There are 6 lecture slots each day. Also, during the whole week two parallel workshops on different topics take place. 

Poster session

During the school, poster session is organized to provide the participants a possibility to present their own research and their planned projects. Possible topics of the posters reflect the thematic orientation of the Summer School, i.e. language research employing empirical methods (experimental or fieldwork methods, quantitative methods for corpus data analyses or other methods of data collection and analysis). Posters can present information either about finished research projects, or about ongoing studies or even planned projects. Our main aim is to give the participants a possibility to discuss their work, to exchange experiences with various issues or to consult anything they would like. There is no need to present final results of your work.


There is no registration fee for the Summer School of Linguistics. The participants pay only for their travel and accommodation. 


The Summer School of Linguistics takes place in a nice new dormitory (map) where it is possible to get cheap and cosy accommodation. There are two room types. Room type A is a two-bed room with its own bathroom, room type B is a three-bed room with a bathroom shared with another room of the same type. Room type A costs 350 Czech Crowns per person/night (approximately 13 EUR based on the exchange rate 1 EUR = 27 Crowns) and room type B costs 230 Crowns per person/night (approximately 8.5 EUR). Those who would like to reserve accommodation will have to pay a small deposit of 500 Czech Crowns (about 18.5 EUR) for the reservation. You can find some photos of the facilities here.


Litomyšl is easily accessible from both the biggest Czech cities Prague and Brno both with a train and with a bus. For a possible connections see this site (in the bottom right corner, there is a possibility to switch the site to English or German). Here is the timetable from Prague and here from Brno (you can modify time and date in "Edit search").

Facebook & e-mail

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Napsali o LŠL

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