Travel details

How to get to Kroměříž

If you would like to fly to the Summer School, you may fly either to Prague or to Vienna (or to Brno where is also a small airport). All the transport possibilities from there to Kroměříž may be found at this website  (the site could be switched to English or German if you click on the flag icons in the bottomright corner). It may be about one-hour faster to go via Vienna, but there are fewer connections and the price would be also higher. 
Generally, we recommend you to take a train since the onward connections are waiting for the preceding ones. If you are flying to Prague, you may use the direct bus line from the airport to the main train station. It is called AE express and the one-way tickets costs 60 CZK (i.e. bit more then 2 EUR). You can find information about it here
You may buy the train ticket in advance here (in the topright corner, it is possible to change the language to English or German). Local bus tickets are typically sold directly in the bus.