The aim of the Summer School of Linguistics is to give an opportunity to students and young researchers who are interested in language and its use to get acquainted with the range of current achievements in linguistic research. The lectures usually cover various research fields such as the first and second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, typology and language contact, corpus linguistics, neurolinguistics, phonetics, etc.

The Summer School of Linguistics also aims to have an important social impact. In other words, it should be not only a place where one can get useful information of the current state of linguistics but also a place where people interested in language and its use meet, discuss various issues and possibly start to collaborate on future projects.

The school takes place every August in a city in the Czech Republic (2007–2015 it took place in Dačice, 2016–2017 in Litomyšl, 2018–2019 in Kroměříž, 2022 in České Budějovice). Lectures and workshops are mostly designed as an extensive introduction to a given topic so there is no need for prior knowledge of any of the topics. All lectures and workshops are in English (since 2014).